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304 Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Corner Shelves Versatile – No Wall Drilling…

Kệ Góc Dán Tường Inox 304 Đa Năng – Không Cần Khoan Tường Cho Phòng Tắm – AFASE

⚡️ Wall-mounted corner shelf from 304 stainless steel + Afaase powder coating is very cool and unique. A high-end item for bathrooms as well as neat kitchens. ⚡️ Strong wall stickers and load-bearing up to 25kg is a great advantage of 304 Acase stainless steel corner shelves, having a black exterior to help increase the mysterious beauty of the product. ⚡️ It is recommended to use from 2 wall-mounted sus 304 corner shelf products to make the product more beautiful and convenient.


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