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Aluminum Bicycle Trunk Base Stand UP 2 {Aluminum …

Βάση Ποδηλάτου Πορτ Μπαγκαζ Αλουμινίου Stand UP 2 {Αλουμίνιο Και Χάλυβας}

BIKE STAND UP BODY STAND UP FOR 2 MENABO BICYCLES STAND UP BAG ROOF BASE from MENABO, 100% of Italian origin and construction, ideal for transporting 2 bicycles, suitable for any cycling equipment. Ideal product for installation on most Hatchback (HTB), Sedan, SW, 3-door, 4-door, 5-door vehicles and with vehicles with a metal roof spoiler. Its frame is made of high quality steel, adjustable with washers, equipped with straps


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