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Clementi Family Wood-fired Pizza Oven 100×80 cm. Anthracite

Clementi Family Vedeldad Pizzaugn 100×80 cm. Antracit

Family pizza oven from Clementi is wood fired and can reach a temperature of up to 400 ° C. The large oven uses 8 kg. fuel to reach 400 ° C and it has the dimensions 100×80 cm. The pizza oven also has room to prepare five pizzas at a time so that you can serve food to the whole family in a short time. This model comes in three different colors: Anthracite, copper and stainless steel. The pizza oven heats up to the right temperature in just 15-20 minutes and it cooks the pizzas in 90-120 seconds, so you get delicious, crispy pizza in no time. The oven can withstand all the sun


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