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Clementi Family Wood-fired Pizza Oven 60×60 cm. Copper

Clementi Family Vedeldad Pizzaugn 60×60 cm. Koppar

Serve pizzas as they make them in Italy in no time thanks to the Clementi Family pizza oven. This model is wood-fired, measures 60×60 cm. and can cook two pizzas at a time. The cooking only takes 90-120 seconds, after which you have a perfect, crispy pizza. Inside, the oven is coated with refractory stone that effectively retains heat and gives a crispy crust. The pizza oven can reach a temperature of 400 ° C, which takes 15-20 minutes. It uses 4 kg. fuel to reach this temperature. In addition, the pizza oven can be left out all year round as it can withstand all kinds of weather


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