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Clementi Family Wood-fired Pizza Oven 80×60 cm. Copper

Clementi Family Vedeldad Pizzaugn 80×60 cm. Koppar

Wood-fired pizza oven from Clementi, which is extremely efficient, so you can serve the whole family pizza. Family pizza oven can reach a temperature of 400 ° C, something it reaches in 15-20 minutes. The pizza oven uses 5 kg. fuel to reach the right temperature. With the inner dimensions 80×60 cm, you get space to bake no less than four pizzas at a time. The oven can handle it all in 90-120 seconds, which means that you can have crispy pizza in a maximum of 2 minutes. In addition, it is practical to have standing outdoors on the terrace all year round as it can withstand snow or rain.


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