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Clementi Pulcinella Wood-fired Pizza Oven 100×80 cm. Anthracite

Clementi Pulcinella Vedeldad Pizzaugn 100×80 cm. Antracit

Clementi Pulcinella is an efficient pizza oven including a stand that makes it perfect to have standing in the garden. The oven has the dimensions 100×80 cm. and can cook five pizzas at a time, so you can easily serve pizza to the whole family in no time. The actual cooking takes 90-120 seconds, while the heating of the oven takes 1-520 minutes, and it can reach up to 400 ° C. Inside, the oven is coated with fire-resistant stone, which retains heat, which gives a perfectly crispy pizza base. In addition, Pulcinella is equipped with a stainless steel door, thermometer,


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