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Dear Father As much as possible I try to contain myself from…

Dear Father As much as possible I try to contain myself from commenting against …

Dear Father As much as possible I try to contain myself from commenting against a priest. But I cannot seem to contain myself on yours especially if against a bishop. Here goes… [bishop soc is planning to have a procession from the edsa shrine to the people power monument to protest against ejk on nov. 5. too late the hero na po. itinigil na ang operation tokhang o operation double barrel.] The call is not limited to the PNP's anti-drug effort alone but for the government to actually initiate a move to resolve the killings not just stop it. Besides Operation Double Barrel Reloaded isn't the entirety of the Drug War. You have the PDEA and NBI. The PNP itself said they will still work on drug related crimes as part of their mandate but of course not as a lead agency. [baka po gamitin yang event na yan ng mga kaaway ng administrasyon.] The sole focus is for the unlawful deaths. NO effort against the administration will be free from being used by the opposition. That's an elementary fact. Either we be critical of our own or be a shepherd for our flock. That's the choice. [at saka sana wag kayo ang mamuno. sana mga lay na lang po ang mamuno.saka po] Actually a Mass and procession is a community of God effort. [baka oobligahin na naman natin ang mga catholic schools na sumali. negatibo po ang dating noon.] The date is a Sunday. We lose common sense whenever we let emotion and angst take over us. [planuhin na lang po ng cbcp ang rehab at prevention ng drugs. pag-usapan ng mga obispo ang mga kaparaanan. pamunuan po ng mga obispo sa kanilang diyoseses. positibo po yun.] We have to be updated. It has been in previous Pastoral Statements and Church efforts for the longest time. That's the problem of so many priests they speak as if they are updated. I even have numerous experience of talking to priests unable to actually read Pastoral Statements. [as much as possible iwasan natin makisawsaw sa pulitika.] I expect a priest to actually be the first one to realize that the deaths are not simply a political issue but a social issue. I apologize for my comments but please do contemplate on your position. LabYu! -tsinelas


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