Steel Door

Glass cabinet, glass, zinc – B: 35 cm, D: 15 cm, h: 40 cm

유리질 캐비닛, 유리, 아연 – B : 35 cm, D : 15 cm, h : 40cm

House Doctor makes some delicious vistrine cabinets. Create a personal look to your decor. Get a glass and steel wall hanging wardrobe from your home doctor. The cabinet has a glass door, a steel background and three shelves, which must be dried with a dry cloth. Glass will stand out, blend in and add a great expression to your decor. Use a wardrobe of personal belongings that you want to appear in your decor. Maybe in the kitchen for herbs and wine glasses or for the bathroom for perfume, jewelry or towels. Objective: 35×15 cm. H: 80 cm. Item No.: CB0762, Barcode: 5707644495104. Color: Zinc


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