Steel Door

Greenhouse DNĚPR 3,14×12 m polycarbonate Dekorhome Polycarbonate …

Skleník DNĚPR 3,14×12 m polykarbonát Dekorhome Polykarbonát 4 mm

The robust DNĚPR greenhouse is supplied as an easy-to-handle kit. The structure consists of supporting arches 40 x 20 mm and connected by longitudinal pipes 20 x 15 mm. The advantage of the greenhouse is easy handling of individual parts of the package (you can easily take each part to the construction site in the garden) and complete ease of installation. DNĚPR greenhouse has an increased density of supporting arches to only 67 cm apart. The supporting arches are made of galvanized steel rectangular tube with a cross-section of 40 x 20 mm and are composed of three separate pieces (for


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