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Greenhouse VITAVIA URANUS 6700 clear glass 3 mm Dekorhome Silver …

Skleník VITAVIA URANUS 6700 čiré sklo 3 mm Dekorhome Stříbrná

Greenhouses of the URANUS series are included in the PREMIUM category – the greenhouse is made by the branded manufacturer VITAVIA from Great Britain. The greenhouse is made of anodized aluminum profiles with a thickness of 1.2 mm, the glazing is made of tempered clear glass with a thickness of 3 mm. Clear glass ensures excellent light transmission, so the greenhouse is beautifully visible from all sides and you can enjoy the colors of cultivated plants. In addition, the tempered version of the glass ensures its complete safety – in the event of breakage, the glass filling shatters into thousands of small pieces, which prevents any serious


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