Steel Door

Greenhouse VOLHA 3,3×4 m polycarbonate Dekorhome Polycarbonate 6 …

Skleník VOLHA 3,3×4 m polykarbonát Dekorhome Polykarbonát 6 mm

The combination of very massive load-bearing arches made of one piece of steel and the welded front and rear walls of the greenhouse make this product one of the most durable and at the same time for the assembly of the simplest greenhouses in the Czech Republic. market.Construction The VOLHA greenhouse is made of solid 40 x 20 mm curved pipes with a thickness of 0.7 mm (longitudinal members and struts 20 x 20 mm). The material of the profiles is galvanized (a thick layer of protective non-corroding zinc is formed on the surface). It is one of the highest quality anti-corrosion treatments. Individual ribs no


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