INFO.HITS on Instagram: “Estela Puso shared a wedding photo …

INFO.HITS on Instagram: “Estela Puso membagikan foto pernikahan sang kakak yang nyatanya sangat tidak sesuai harapan karena dekorasi yang dilakukan oleh wedding…”

Estela Puso shared her brother's wedding photo which in fact was not quite as expected because the decorations made by the wedding organizer they rented were very disappointing. How not decorating the entrance where the wedding took place did not use balloons as in general but rather a plastic bag. Estela's disappointment did not stop there, the WO put up very little flower decorations on the path to the altar. Even though there are flowers that look like cheap flowers from the market. Estela then accused the WO of only looking for profit from her sister's wedding. Instead of attracting sympathy, Estela's comments actually received netizens condemnation. They said Estela should not accuse recklessly if her family could not afford the wedding costs. Indeed, the organizers demanded 2,000 Pesos to be paid equivalent to Rp542 thousand for the wedding ceremony. In addition there is an additional cost of 5,000 Pesos equivalent to Rp. 13 million for decoration. This is arguably quite cheap for the price of wedding decorations so many netizens assume Estela and her family should not be able to expect much if they only have 5,000 Pesos. Source: Liputan6 / Sugiono #hitsabis #wo #couple #wedding #jomblo #married #decor # barbecue #depok #bandung #bogor #surabaya # my shame #manado #room


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