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Japanese style door Garden Kido H120 Garden Kido partition door / wooden natural bamboo / entrance fence / gardening door / Japan / Japanese heart / fence / handle / …

和風扉 庭木戸 H120 庭木戸仕切り 扉/木製 天然竹/玄関 フェンス/ガーデニング ドア/日本/和の心/垣根/把手/-ガーデン用品屋さん

🎁 Japanese style door Garden Kido H120 ✨ There are front and back of natural bamboo and natural wood (sugi), but the back has only one beam at the bottom and the appearance does not change so much. Garden Kido is often installed as a decoration (fence without opening and closing), but when using it as a normal door, stakes etc. are driven into both sides of the Kido to make it a pillar, and one side is fixed to the pillar with a hinge etc. And install it. 🛠 Garden Supplies Store 📚 Garden Kido Partition / Door / Wooden / Natural Bamboo / Entrance / Fence / Gardening / Door / Japan / Japanese Heart / Hedge / Handle /


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