Plastic Door

Nemesis: Expanding Cosmetics Terrain (Kickstarter before…

Nemesis: التوسع في التضاريس مستحضرات التجميل (Kickstarter قبل النظام الخاص)

Play: Expected Delivery Q1 2021 Board Game Geek Rating: 7.83 Board Game Geek Average Player Rating: 8.44 Players: 1 to 5 Publishing: 2021 Content Notes: Kickstarter Edition Terrain Expansion Cosmetics for Nemesis Board Game by Awaken Realms. Includes cosmetic terrain board game expansion. Please note: Unless otherwise stated, a paid Kickstarter campaign add-on is not included. nIncludes:n12 plastic doors miniature doorsn8 plastic egg miniaturesn4 plastic escape miniaturesn5 miniature plastic corpsesnNemesis toys that will take you into the heart of sci-fi horror bugs


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