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Nemesis: Terrain Cosmetic Expansion (Kickstarter Orders…

Nemesis: การขยายตัวเครื่องสำอางภูมิประเทศ (Kickstarter สั่งซื้อล่วงหน้าพิเศษ)

Pre-Order: Expected Shipping Q4 2021 Board Game Geek Rating: 7.83 Board Game Geek AVG Player Rating: 8.44 Player: 1 to 5 Release: 2021 Content Notes: Kickstarter Edition Terrain Cosmetic Expansion for Game. The Nemesis Board by Awaken Realms includes the Terrain Cosmetics board game expansion. PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise stated payment is not included from the Kickstarter Campaign, NOT INCLUDED Includes: 12 Plastic Doors, 8 Miniatures, Plastic Eggs, 4 Miniatures. Mini Plastic Escape Pods 5 Dead Plastic Bodies Playing Nemesis will take you to the heart of the horror of crows.


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