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Planet Apocalypse: Hellhound Oath Bundle (Kickstarter Special)

행성 종말 : 헬하운드 서약 번들 (킥 스타터 스페셜)

Board Game Geek Rating: 5.5 Board Game Geek Average Player Rating: 8.3 Players: 1 to 7 Published: 2019 Content Notes: A pledge to the Kickstarter Hellhound Planet apocalyptic board game. Includes Planet Core Game, Void Pack, Dragon Pack, Pit Pack, Lord Zabutu, Lady Sila, Pulgasaurus, Lord Asmod, Procres, Demon Gate, Artifact Pack, Demon Art Print, Dice Pack, and all unlocked stretch objectives. became. Note: This does not include cases where the Kickstarter campaign does not include paid add-ons otherwise stated. It is the time of the apocalypse, and hordes of hell are invading our world. Destroy the gates of hell and save our world! Planet Apocalypse is a cooperative game. Players fight and kill demons as a team. The game is primarily a fighting game, but also has a tower defense element, and a role-playing element with the building of heroes over time. It has large, high-quality plastic figures, scaled to 28mm so they can be used in different games. we give you the planet


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