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Planet apocalypse: hellhund pledge cluster (Kickstarter special)

Planet apocalypse: hellhund 质押丛 ( Kickstarter 特殊)

Game Geek Rating: 5.5 Game Geek Average Player Rating: 8.3 Players: 1 to 7 Released: 2019 Description: Kickstarter Hellohund for Planet Apocalypse Board Game. Including planetary core games, Void Pack, Dragon Pack, Pit, Jabootu Lord Scylla, Lord Pulgasaur, Lord Asmod, Lord Procrustes, Demon Gate, Relic Pack, Demonology Art Print, Dice Pack and all unlocked stretch targets. Please note: Unless otherwise stated, add-ons in Kickstarter Campaign are not included. This is the “End Times”, the hell of hell is invading our world. Destroying the gates of hell to save our world Planetary Apocalypse is a cooperative game. As a team, players will fight and kill demons. The game is mainly a battle game, but there is also a tower defense element, a role that you build heroes over time. It has a lot of high-quality plastic graphics, scaled to 28mm for use in other games. We are happy to support bringing you a game similar to the Apocalypse of the Earth: Hell purchased online at TheGameSteward


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