Plastic Door

Plastic cabinet LOGICO HIGH XL – 182 x 89 x 54 cm

Plastová skriňa LOGICO HIGH XL – 182 x 89 x 54 cm

Do you need to store bulky materials or really a lot of things? Buy a plastic Logico XL case. It is 89 cm wide, more than half a meter deep and each of its 4 shelves can carry 25 kg. Shelves can be easily adjusted thanks to the SLO (Security Lock Off) safety fuse – 4 shelves with a load capacity of 25 kg – on the underside of the shelves there are grooves for possible insertion of boxes – connection system for connecting another cabinet and creating a solid wall – unlike the classic Logico series on legs, Logico XL cabinets stand directly on the ground – suitable for workshops, garages, operating halls


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