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Untraceably decorate Nordic country homes | House Space Design_Qiu Xuanda_Interior Designer

不著痕跡地妝點北歐鄉村居家 | 浩室空間設計_邱炫達 _室內設計師

The young female homeowner likes a warm sense of home. The designer Qiu Xuanda of the house uses Nordic and country-style elements to present a personalized and unique space. For the selection of some materials, the designer Qiu Xuanda takes environmental protection and durability as the point of view. In consideration, the newly-built houses have not moved into the pattern at all, giving the homeowners the perfect functions needed to get closer to life. Upon entering the entrance hall, a separate area is structured by the system board. The shoe-wearing chair cleverly hides the weak current box. The large wardrobe and shoe cabinet can meet the complete storage of the homeowner’s clothes and shoe cabinets. The back of the cabinet is the restaurant area. The beautiful back treatment gives the restaurant a warm wooden main wall and a unique main lamp to gather a romantic dining atmosphere. The originally open kitchen is partitioned by a horizontal sliding door made of iron parts and clear glass, which retains visual penetration and prevents the spread of oily smoke during hot frying. The living room is covered with plain spray paint, the ceiling is painted with wood as ditch and whitewashed, showing a sense of leisure, and the main wall of the TV is painted with healthy and environmentally friendly algae earth. The rear high floor area separates the independent space, and the large cultural stone wall is very eye-catching. This is a personal piano room exclusively for the owner. Qiu Xuanda’s designer planned a cabinet in front of the window, which has both storage and sitting and sleeping functions. Meet the needs of compound space. The master bedroom is laid out with a low-level bedside table, and the recessed space leading to the bathroom serves as a dressing room. It also inherits the simplicity and individual style of the public domain, and retains a secondary master bedroom as a filial family room. The main wall of the study is based on blue-gray, the open system bookshelf, and the irregular shape echoes the Nordic elements. The space has a bright spot of color, but it is calm and warm…


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